UltraFlix and Seeing The Bridgewater Triangle in 4k

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In November of 2014, The Bridgewater Triangle was picked up by UltraFlix, the 4k streaming service taking the 4k smart TV industry by storm.  4k is the latest consumer-ready television standard, offering four times the resolution of 1080 HD.  However, standing in the way of 4k is the obvious lack of available 4k programming.  Comcast, Cox, Verizon and satellite providers are not offering 4k programming at this time, and 4k Blu-ray discs and players have yet to hit the market.  Owners of 4k smart TVs are left with a device capable of producing unmatched image quality without a source to supply such images.  Enter UltraFlix . . .

UltraFlix is a 4k streaming application that comes pre-installed on a number of 4k smart TVs.  Samsung, Sony and Vizio are just some of the brands now offering the UltraFlix application.  Owners of these 4k smart TVs, and a high-speed Internet connection, can now watch 4k programming in the comfort of their living rooms.  UltraFlix is even available on mobile devices such as android and Apple smart phones.  To see some of UltraFlix’s 4k programming offerings, visit their web site here.

When The Bridgewater Triangle documentary was approached by UltraFlix to be featured on their platform, we were both honored and a bit puzzled.  After all, The Bridgewater Triangle was shot and edited in 1080 HD, and would require an upconversion to 4k in order to be featured on UltraFlix.  Nevertheless, we were excited to offer viewers yet another way to see the entire, original, feature-length cut of the film.  We provided NanoTech Entertainment, the parent company responsible for UltraFlix, with a high-resolution 1080 HD master of The Bridgewater Triangle.  The file was then sent to NanoTech’s 4k Studios for the upconversion process.  Soon, The Bridgewater Triangle was live on the UltraFlix platform.

I do not own a 4k smart TV, but in the months following UltraFlix’s acquisition of The Bridgewater Triangle, I was able to visit NanoTech Entertainment at their East Coast offices in Massachusetts.  The staff there was gracious enough to give me a preview of The Bridgewater Triangle via the UltraFlix platform on a Samsung 4k smart TV.  Going into it, I have to admit that I was skeptical.  I have seen what standard definition looks like upconverted on an HDTV and, many times, the resulting image is less than desirable.  In my mind, adding resolution, or perceived resolution, to a preexisting 1080 HD video file, seemed impossible.  But when The Bridgewater Triangle began playing on the screen in 4k, I was both stunned and amazed at what I saw.  Not only did the resulting images meet my expectations of what an acceptable 1080 HD to 4k upconversion should look like, but it exceeded them.  I viewed The Bridgewater Triangle in unrivaled sharpness and clarity.  I have never seen the film look better.  The detail in the peoples’ skin, the richness of the colorful landscapes, and the crispness of the on-screen graphics blew me away.  I can easily imagine how scores of UltraFlix subscribers might assume that The Bridgewater Triangle was shot and edited natively in 4k.  That is how great NanoTech’s 1080 HD to 4k upconversion looks.

UltraFlix offers a wide variety of 4k programming.  Much of it is material that was natively shot in 4k, and the resulting images speak for themselves.  Some of it, like The Bridgewater Triangle, is material that has been upconverted to 4k from lower resolution sources.  But even the upconverted material will far-exceed your expectations.  If you are in the market for a 4k TV, we strongly suggest checking out UltraFlix for a vast array of 4k programming, including The Bridgewater Triangle.


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